Like I’m ok at work and stuff ok but like then I come home and I’m so fucking lonely I’ve been thinking about suicide like every night when I lie in bed and I don’t…know what’s wrong with me anymore.

eli manning sucked so hard tonight like he looked like he was gonna cry throughout the whole fuckin game bruh 

Artist:Unknown Modest Mouse
Title: UnknownDashboard
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dashboard - modest mouse.

yeah, that dashboard melted, but we still have the radio.

anna torv | rogers
marion cotillard | barnes
john cho | romanoff
samira wiley | wilson

for shakespearee

Life was a lot simpler 2 years ago

Life was a lot simpler 2 years ago

"But I can tell you, love is great, love is wonderful and it’s all around us [winks]… See? I just gave you an awesome quote!”

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